• Brand and product development for a new kind of lifestyle brand (client: strategic boutique)
  • Strategy and creative development for a financial services brand (client: creative boutique)
  • Consultancy on new wellness chain targeting a health-conscious audience (client: startup)
  • Strategy and creative development for a healthy living/wellness brand (client: creative boutique)
  • Brand positioning for an upmarket water brand (client: creative boutique)
  • Brand repositioning for a upmarket travel company (client: creative boutique)
  • Strategy and creative development for a luxury cruise brand (client: PR agency)
  • Brand positioning for a new kind of agency network (client: agency holding company)
  • Audience definition and positioning work for a jewelry company (creative boutique)
  • Strategy development for a TV channel and lifestyle brand (client: boutique design agency)

and a couple of projects that are so thoroughly covered by NDAs I can't even begin to describe them them

    Audiences: Millennials, high income, creative class and other experience-driven audiences; health & wellness seekers, business owners entrepreneurs & creators.

    Project types: Positioning work, pitches, creative development, cultural audits, audience deep dives, new product development and workshops.



    • Positioning work, cultural audit and portfolio analysis iced tea brand (client: global beverage company)
    • Audience deep dive and positioning work for international car launch to Millennials (client: media company/boutique agency)
    • Cultural audit and positioning work for a sparkling wine brand (client: creative boutique)
    • Deep dive into the social and psychological basis of storytelling, its best practitioners and its future (client: global beverage company)
    • Internal positioning and rollout plan to bring to life financial services brand through employees (client: branding company)
    • Positioning and marketing plan to position new travel destination  (client: global tourist attraction)
    •  Flavor development work for a vodka to capitalize on flavor trends (client: large spirits company)
    • Creative workshop for a new kind of sweetener (client: large creative agency)
    • Brand and product development for global e-commerce platform (client: startup)
    • Strategy and research for a multi-agency new business pitch for a new live-saving drug (client: advertising holding company)