There are lots of great agencies in New York City. And I've worked for a fair few of them.



Right now, the world is just too damn exciting to be working for just one company.

What brands can do for people and what people can do with brands is wide open. And the journey to get to those ideas is usually bumpy, often off-road, and always lots of fun. It's the best time ever to be in this business.

My way of understanding this wild and wondrous new world is to work with those who are changing it. I've been lucky enough to work with some of the most interesting companies out there - speed-learning, risk taking, experimenting, making and taking, and generally having a blast.

So it's a two-way deal: I'll bring you everything I've learned in this crazy, shifting world out there, and I'll learn from you what makes you great.

And because R&D is important, not just for corporations but for people, I only work eight months a year. The other four months are 'lab time' - time to experiment with life itself, make stuff, volunteer and learn new skills.




Droga5, co:collective, Google, AirBnB, IBM, Joan, Creative Alliance, BBDO, Cutwater, Pearlfisher, Vice, YouTube, A+E, Skillshare, Havas, Publicis, DCX, Special Forces NY, Project WorldWide - to name a few.



Projects where the solution goes beyond communications, coming to life in a product, a tool, a provocative action or an idea the brand can give away. 

Tough cases: brands facing big challenges who have yet to tap into opportunities created by changes in culture.

Supposed low interest categories - born from the belief that any category can and should be interesting.



Defining a brand's cause, its fight, its story, based on not only on its role in people's lives but in culture at large.

Finding the big idea fast. I distrust insights that need six weeks of research to get uncovered.

Using human language to get at human truths - I hate marketing jargon and business-speak.

Tracking down interesting stories within big piles of supposedly boring data and information.



Working as part of a large team where everyone has a say. I go quiet in rooms with 20 people talking over each other. Maybe because I grew up in a large family?

Standard brand templates, with their endless tweaking of words. Trying to decide between 'refresh your life, every day' or 'refreshing vitality, daily' - aargh! I've found that broad 'higher order benefits' often become the enemy of doing something bold and interesting.

All-day meetings. Does anyone enjoy them?





  • Brand strategies for a couple of brands in the health & wellness space (client: creative agency)
  • Brand and product architectures for global information technology company (client: strategy boutique)
  • Brand and communications strategy for pitch for genealogy and wellness brand (client: creative agency)
  • Brand and communications strategy for pitch for large government agency (client: creative agency)
  • Creative and communications strategy for global software brand (client: creative boutique)
  • Research for global recruitment site (client: creative boutique)
  • Business and brand strategy for new apparel brand launch (client: premium apparel company)
  • Brand repositioning for large national retailer (client: strategy & innovation boutique)
  • Brand positioning for an upscale male apparel company (client: apparel startup)


Brand positionings 

New business pitches

Creative development

Advertising & marketing strategies

Cultural audits

Audience deep dives

Innovation/new product development 

Award paper coaching & support (Effie, Jay Chiat, Cannes Creative Effectiveness)





Creative class and other experience-driven audiences

Health and wellness seekers

High income

Business owners and entrepreneurs


STUFF I'VE DONE IN 2015 and 2014

  • Brand positioning for online learning & creativity platform (client: tech company)
  • Brand positioning for a global smartphone launch (client: strategy & innovation boutique)
  • New business pitch for a large fast casual dining brand (client: creative agency)
  • Creator community deep dive for a global video sharing platform (client: strategy boutique)
  • Brand development for a luxury automotive brand (client: strategy & innovation boutique)
  • Brand positioning for a nutrition and wellness brand (client: design company)
  • Brand and product development for a new kind of lifestyle television brand (client: strategy boutique)
  • Strategy and creative development for a financial services brand (client: creative agency)
  • Consultancy on new wellness chain targeting a health-conscious audience (client: startup)
  • Strategy and creative development for a healthy living & wellness brand (client: creative agency)
  • Brand positioning for an upmarket water brand (client: creative agency)
  • Brand repositioning for a upmarket travel company (client: creative boutique)
  • Strategy and creative development for a luxury cruise brand (client: PR agency)
  • Brand positioning for a new kind of agency network (client: agency holding company)
  • Audience definition and positioning work for a jewelry company (creative boutique)
  • Positioning work, cultural audit and portfolio analysis iced tea brand (client: global beverage company)
  • Audience deep dive and positioning work for international car launch to Millennials (client: media company/boutique agency)
  • Cultural audit and positioning work for a sparkling wine brand (client: creative boutique)
  • Deep dive into the social and psychological basis of storytelling & implications for brands (client: global beverage company)
  • Internal positioning and rollout plan to bring to life financial services brand through employees (client: branding company)
  • Positioning and marketing plan to position new travel attraction  (client: global tourist attraction)
  •  Flavor development work for a vodka to capitalize on new flavor trends (client: large spirits company)
  • Creative workshop for a new kind of sweetener (client: large creative agency)
  • Brand and product development for global e-commerce platform (client: startup)
  • Strategy and research for a multi-agency new business pitch for a new life-saving drug (client: advertising holding company)




SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS (New York)Master of Fine Arts in photography 

OXFORD UNIVERSITY (Oxford, UK) - BA/MA in philosophy, psychology and physiology 



JWT (New York) - Group Strategy Director 

BERLIN CAMERON UNITED (New York) - Partner/Chief Strategy Officer

FALLON MCELLIGOTT BERLIN (New York) -  Senior Strategist

BARTLE BOGLE HEGARTY (London) - Planner 



Three gold Effies, one silver and one bronze Effie, one silver Jay Chiat award, a bronze IPA Effectiveness award and a silver APG/UK award.




I grew up in a large family in a small village in the South of Germany. It’s lovely there, but I knew early on that I had to get out. I was punk, I was goth, I was shy, I was weird, I dropped out of high school. Working in a pants factory got old really fast, so I went on a popular German game show, made some money and ran away to London - note on the pillow, early morning train, that kind of departure.

With no qualifications, no connections and dodgy English my career prospects were limited. I worked in fast food joints and cafeterias for a couple of years, then decided to step up my game by learning to typing and do shorthand. I was a secretary for an additional few years, which gave me the confidence to think about continuing my education. I took evening classes for a year and did my A-levels (SATs). I did pretty well, and got accepted by Oxford University, where I studied psychology and philosophy. 

And then BBH London offered me the only trainee planner spot for the year. Which takes us to the beginning of my official résumé.

It’s a bit of an unusual bio, I’ll admit, but I thought it’s worth mentioning. I’ve learned a lot in those poverty years, the years of doing minimum wage jobs, where I was just another foreigner.

Empathy - if you're forever on the outside you're forced to figure out how the rest of the world thinks and feels

Fearlessness - realizing that the only way to create change is to make big bets

Humility - respecting people from every walk of life, because they could be me, and I could be them

Gratitude - even when things are bad, it's not scrubbing toilets for three dollars an hour

Optimism - dreaming big has yet to let me down

Resourcefulness - good with spit and duct tape




In no particular order

Art - Did I mention I have a master's degree in fine art, specialization photography (done at SVA a few years ago)? That means I'm usually pretty up to date what's in New York's galleries, museums and alternative spaces. I love looking at and talking about art. I also make art - I've had group and solo shows of my work in galleries here and in Europe. Favorite artists: Gillian Wearing, Darren Almond, Peter Hujar, Boris Mikhailov, Sophie Calle, Stephen Gill, Jim Goldberg and tons more.

Health, nutrition and public health issues - I care a lot about how we can solve our public health crises through changing behavior patterns and policies. I'm not only a voracious reader of the latest science research news but a skeptical self-tracker and experimenter. And I lift weights. It's also why I won't work on processed foods, snacks and drinks anymore. Apologies - I'm not judging you, just found it hard to square with my personal beliefs and actions.

If you have a project that is in the health/nutrition/exercise/aging field I would love to talk to you. 

History - I'm a bit obsessed with 20th Century history, especially the World Wars and the post-war period. I have read endlessly about it and done personal research and a photographic project. It's also the reason I'm a volunteer for Selfhelp, an organization that takes care of Nazi victims living in the New York City area.

Fashion - I am interested in the intellectual, technical and creative aspects of fashion design. Favorite designers are Gareth Pugh, Josephus Thimister, Haider Ackerman, Rick Owens and and Nicolas Taralis. I know how to draft and drape my own patterns and continue to take classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  I love making my own clothes and designing my own fabrics.

I love Georgian music and am currently trying to learn the panduri. And generally spend far too much time out hiking and hunting wild mushrooms.



Let's talk - whether it's about a specific project or just because.

sigridjakob at gmail.com